Kamloops Cupe Agreement

The Kamloops CUPE Agreement: A Comprehensive Guide

The Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) is a national union that represents thousands of workers in various industries across Canada. In Kamloops, British Columbia, CUPE represents workers in several industries, including healthcare, education, and public works.

Recently, CUPE and the City of Kamloops signed a new collective bargaining agreement. This agreement outlines the terms and conditions of employment for CUPE members working for the City of Kamloops. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide to the Kamloops CUPE Agreement.

Scope of the Agreement

The Kamloops CUPE Agreement covers approximately 500 workers in various departments of the City of Kamloops. The agreement provides workers with job security, fair compensation, and benefits to ensure a respectful and harmonious working environment.

Wages and Benefits

The new Kamloops CUPE Agreement provides workers with a fair wage increase over the next three years. According to the agreement, workers will receive a 2% increase in the first year, a 2.25% increase in the second year, and a 2.5% increase in the third year.

Additionally, workers will receive a range of benefits, including extended health and dental coverage, life insurance, and more.

Job Security

The new Kamloops CUPE Agreement aims to provide workers with job security and protection against layoffs. The agreement includes a grievance process that employees can use to address any concerns related to job security or unfair treatment.

Workplace Safety

The Kamloops CUPE Agreement also includes provisions related to workplace safety. CUPE members have the right to refuse unsafe work and are entitled to receive training and equipment to ensure their safety on the job.

Hours of Work and Overtime

The agreement also outlines the hours of work for CUPE members, including overtime provisions. Workers are entitled to overtime pay for any hours worked beyond their regular schedule.


The Kamloops CUPE Agreement is a comprehensive agreement that provides fair compensation, benefits, job security, and workplace safety for CUPE members working for the City of Kamloops. This agreement ensures a harmonious and respectful working environment for employees, ultimately benefiting the citizens of Kamloops.