How to Cancel Tesco Mobile Phone Contract

Are you tired of your Tesco Mobile phone contract and want to cancel it? Here`s a step-by-step guide to help you through the process.

Step 1: Check your contract

Start by checking your Tesco Mobile contract to make sure you`re eligible to cancel it. There are different ways to cancel your contract depending on whether you`re still in the minimum contract period or not. If you`re still in the minimum contract period, you may need to pay an early termination fee.

Step 2: Contact Tesco Mobile

To cancel your Tesco Mobile phone contract, you`ll need to call or email their customer service team. You can find their contact details on the Tesco Mobile website. Be sure to have your account information and contract number ready when you contact them.

Step 3: Choose your cancellation method

Tesco Mobile offers two ways to cancel your contract: by giving 30 days` notice or by buying out your contract. If you choose to give 30 days` notice, your contract will end 30 days after you notify Tesco Mobile. If you choose to buy out your contract, you`ll need to pay any outstanding balance on your account.

Step 4: Return any equipment

If you received any equipment from Tesco Mobile, such as a phone or SIM card, you`ll need to return it before your contract can be cancelled. Tesco Mobile will provide you with instructions on how to return the equipment.

Step 5: Check for any final charges

Before your contract is cancelled, Tesco Mobile may charge you for any outstanding balances on your account. This could include any unpaid monthly bills or early termination fees.

In conclusion, cancelling your Tesco Mobile phone contract is a straightforward process. Just make sure you understand the terms of your contract and choose the cancellation method that`s best for you. Contact Tesco Mobile to get started today.